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What Prevents Women From Being Sexy

The absence of sexual relations in five or ten years of marriage, is normal for many couples. Many attribute this to themselves so that they begin to fade feelings, life leaves no room for romance, the passion fades and so on. But do all of these reasons affect the availability and quality of sexual relationships in the family? Sociologists conducted a survey of married men, the purpose of which was to clarify the reasons that affect women's sexuality. Thus, the survey results surprised many women.

What Prevents Women From Being Sexy


For the vast majority of men one of the main components of female attractiveness is the smell. Almost 65% of respondents said that the reason for the reduced attraction to the wife became the smell. During the period of first meetings many men associated the woman with her perfume, which was used at the time by the beloved person. So, maybe it's worth to reveal a bit of a forgotten romance in a relationship and get back to the same perfume that you used when first met her future husband?

Appearance and overweight

More than half of the men surveyed say that the attraction to partner disappears when the woman stops to take care of herself. First repulsive factor is waxing ignoring by a woman, and not, as many women think, an overweight. Couple of extra pounds, gained as a result of pregnancy or a sedentary lifestyle, can cool sexual attraction of only a quarter of respondents. However, some men say that they are repelled not as much by extra pounds as by the lack of energy and passion of the partner associated with her exessive weight. So a healthy lifestyle, sport and proper nutrition remain the key to a happy family life.

Pernicious habits

More than a third of the men surveyed dislie women who smoke. They believe that addiction is not only unhealthy, but also not sexy. Fortunately, the times when the sign of women's sexuality was languishing look in the clouds of tobacco smoke have passed. Today, men prefer women who run in the mornings and regularly attend fitness clubs. This is not surprising, because healthy woman is the key to the birth of healthy offspring!

Voice and comments

More than twenty-five percent of respondents said that they lost sexual interest in their wife because of squeaky voice, which is accompanied by regular remarks about her husband. Surprisingly, but men also "love with their ears" and, as the survey showed, "they dislike with their ears" too. "Chewing the rag" with any purpose or without it is a direct way to destroy your marriage in a short time. Our grandmothers were right when they preferred to talk less and listen more.

By the way, every praise for her lover is able to put aside many women's disadvantages. It is encouraging and praise can raise self-esteem and encourage men to the new "exploits", even at the household level. More than seventy percent of divorced men say that their marriage was not successful because their wives "did not appreciate" and praise them.

The way of dressing

Dressing style caused disagreement among the respondents. For someone traditionally feminine cloths, such as dresses, skirts, stockings, pins and others were sexy. Some people prefer the sporty style of the partner. But ugg boots and so-called "Aghan" pants unanimously completely discourage sexual desire for almost all of the men surveyed. So, in order to achieve family harmony, it is necessary to consider individual preferences of men in choosing the style of clothing.

According to the survey, psychologists and sexologists were able to conclude that every man has "a set of sexual signs" of his beloved one. And the sooner a woman learns them and begins to meet them, the happier and the more harmonious life they will live. And one universal advice before doing another favorite remark is to realize that it is worth to stop for a moment and think: "Is it so important that you can deny your relationship?"

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