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​Demystifying "Sandpaper Sex"

Inquire pretty much every post-menopause woman with dry vagina who experienced the "sandpaper sex" pain and she'll tell you the "solution" to avoid repeat distress would be to go into avoidance. Besides the apparent reduction of physical enjoyment, it stands to reason like cleaning the linen closet out at 10 PM instead of a meeting is not unlikely to have an adverse impact on the relationship of one. And while that premise has for ages been made, up until now, few studies looked at the impact and pain.


The CLOSER Study

This study examined over 4,000 girls to get certain insight into the effect on the opposite half of the dry/ vagina equation that was debilitating. Included in the study, researchers studied menopausal women of ages 55-65 and male cohabiting partners, some promising results were found.

With the children eventually leaving the home, middle age need to be all about "couple's time." Nevertheless, 64% of women reported pain with 58 % prevented sex because of this. A lot of females also reported an important decline in libido (barely shocking since most reasonable folks do not want or love sex that was debilitating).

How Men Are Affected

Mostly the guys studied comprehended the female partners' avoidance was the effect of painful sexual intercourse and valued sex is no longer pleasurable. An important amount of men left efforts at sex or closeness all together. The truth is , entirely ceasing sex even though just 6% of men said they were brought to their own partners.

This study is among the most significant investigations to examine postmenopausal vagina dryness impact on males. Other studies show that guys are much more likely to have ED if partners get dry vagina due to increased problem but for anxiety of being the reason for the pain. It is the very first complete study that looks at effect of vaginal dryness with painful sex on the couple.

Available Treatment

The study found that when girls used a localized vaginal estrogen therapy everything got a good deal better and also looked at the impact. Not only the suffering fall for the female, but so did for the partner. Additionally, an important amount of couples who opted for treatment felt more linked with their partners.

Yet, despite the favorable result of treating this common issue (at least 45 % of postmenopausal women experience such symptoms), over half of American females are not aware that several treatments that are safe and effective exist. Instead, woman just accept the lack of pleasurable, comfortable sex as a "regular part of aging."

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