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EuroMD Presentation to Poland

EuroMD’s first acquaintance with the Polish community was held in Krakow in the Open Day Of Klaster LifeScience Krakow. The project has been presented by Denis Belichenko, COO of EuroMD LTD: he talked with the guests about the development and the prospects for the creation of the project. After that, he has been interviewed by the chief editor of EuroMD.

EuroMD Presentation For Polish Klaster LifeScience Krakow

Ed.: Denis, can you briefly tell us about what Klaster LifeScience Krakow is?

- Klaster LifeScience Krakow is a network of organizations from Krakow and Malopolska Region (Poland), as well as multinational companies with Polish subsidiaries. They cooperate to develop and market software innovation in the field of life sciences.

These institutions have the following areas of interest:

biotechnology and life sciences, research institutes, health systems, and regional authorities to support the business and to promote cooperation at the regional level.

At the very beginning it has been regarded as a research collaboration network with the following mission:

  • to create and maintain the development of the life sciences, effective global connectivity and optimization of existing capacity of individuals and organizations,
  • support for innovation and the promotion of effective commercialization of research results in the field of life sciences ,
  • the development of resources and opportunities to explore current and future opportunities associated with the development of an economy based on knowledge.

Ed.: What are its functions?

- Part of its function is to organize activities to promote awareness of its members. Also, this community helps internal cooperation between its members, organizes conferences and other events in order to promote co-operation with external organizations.

One of the highlights is a LifeScience Open Space. It is held every year at the fall and is dedicated to innovation in areas that are already listed. Another part of the activity are business start-ups, which includes educational conferences, provision of training materials for the development of training programs for entrepreneurship.

By the way, the most important factor for the membership in the klaster is openness to new ideas, and we are just like this.

Ed.: What are the advantages of klaster membership?

- Areas of interest on both sides are very wide and you can talk about it for a long time. Klaster is a platform for cooperation between companies specializing in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, cosmetics, environmental protection. About 20 are in the medical field, another 20 - biotechnology, nearly 30 are representatives of research institutes. Total amount is more than 70 and not all are Polish: there are both Americans and Ukrainians, and well, of course, Polish. And for each of them Klaster membership allows to learn about each other, and this additional information allows to find ideas for cooperation to promote themselves in the narrowly specialized community and follow the development of technologies or innovations in related fields. The result may be possible participation in innovative projects, new contacts within and outside the Klaster that increase the chances of developing our own ideas.

Ed.: It is clear why klaster is useful for us, and what can we give it instead?

- The most important thing is that we are the first European medical site in Ukraine, that is developing medical tourism. Since all members of the organization are in the field of medicine, rehabilitation, health care or pharmacy, we are interested in:

  • direction - it is new in Ukraine;
  • scale, because we have multiple versions of the site - Russian, Ukrainian, English, and in future - Polish, German, Lithuanian , Israeli,
  • openness, because we want to keep abreast of developments taking place in the areas of interest to us, and to respond to them.

For example, we can:

  • introduce emerging technologies from them, using a mobile app or online version,
  • to cover events in the markets of these companies,
  • be an excellent platform for the use of their PR-technologies.

Eventually we can promote their ideas and development, boosting the chances of commercialization of ideas or of the developed device.

Ed.: Are there any special conditions for the membership?

- There are some conditions. For example, there is no geographical limitation. With regard to the scope of activities, it can be anyone you want, working with the direction of the life sience. Permitted are industrial enterprises, research institutes, manufacturers or developers, distributors, agencies. The main thing is that the idea of applying for membership in Klaster LifeSience Krakow, was unique in its own, as, for example, EuroMD with medical tourism in Ukraine.

Strategic goal of klaster development is to represent all the vital areas of science and uniformly develop them, sometimes collecting them in one place and giving new possibilities for development. Any company member of the organization can represent the interests of another company at the forefront of development and, therefore, form a circle of interests.

Klaster LifeSience Krakow is private, where members pay dues, but they are very small. According to the structure of the organization it is very similar to Ukrainian associations with minimal contributions and with the ability to expand professional contacts.

Ed.: What questions have been asked during and after the presentation of the project?

- Very different. Time limitation has been inconvenient - we were given only 15 minutes. During this time, 10 slides have been shown and I had time to answer 5-6 questions. Most active communication took place in the break after the presentation. It was nice to hear positive feedback, and there were many, but there were tricky, for example: "How do you plan to deal with competitors?"

In general, we have been noted by, and we even made friends with 7-8 companies from all those who attended the Open Day Doors (30 May 2014). There were more than 40

Ed.: How Klaster member companies engaged in the same things and EuroMD?

- Such as EuroMD, are absent in Klaster LifeSience Krakow. At least for the moment. This is what distinguishes us.

Thank you, Dennis, for the detailed answers.

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