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Who And Why Needs a Blog On EuroMD

I. About the blogger

You are a practicing doctor and willing to share experience of the treatment in your specialization field? You have your own original techniques for the treatment of various diseases and you are ready to talk about them? You can specify typical mistakes of inexperienced doctors and know how to avoid them? You know why these diseases are the most common and what should be done for prevention? You are well versed in medical law and are ready to analyze the market and the changes taking place on it?

Please note! Blogger can not arrogate the merits of others and write about them as his/her own, he/she can not argue, and without examples criticize anyone or anything. Blogger is responsible for every information he/she has posted.

If you answered "yes" to questions above - we are waiting for you on EuroMD!

II. What blogger should be ready for

All entries (or pages) of blogger are available to any user of the Internet, each of them will be able to:

  • comment,
  • ask,
  • share their opinion with others with respect to any copyright records,
  • invite someone to their friend list and even criticize.

Please note! Blog has to be run solely by the author. Topics, style and content are identified only by the author. Any entries by blogger won’t be edited. Only entries with obscene language and direct advertising will be removed.

If all this does NOT SCARE - we are waiting for you on EuroMD!

III. What’s allowed and what’s prohibited

Expert should’nt:

  • copy someone’s work;
  • openly advertise - product, clinic, herself/himself or another doctor, service, drug, equipment and so on.

Expert blogger do not necessarily have to be a certified doctor, but must be related to the field of medicine.

Please note! Blogger must write only about medicine and health - diseases, treatment, care, prevention, healthcare, supply of equipment and maintenance of the medical business.

If you are ready TO DISCUSS - we are waiting for you on EuroMD!

IV. Why experienced doctor needs a blog

Blog on the medical site is:

  • an opportunity to express yourself on the Internet, and therefore promote your name as a doctor, and your own methods of treatment;
  • promote your site, if any, and thus increase the awareness of your name and treatment methods,
  • the ability to find colleagues and share your experience with them,
  • the ability to participate in the professional medical community.

Please note! For the practitioner it’s the way to attract new patients.

If you are willing TO MEET NEW OPPORTUNITIES - we are waiting for you on EuroMD!

V. Topics for authors’ blogs

Theme for the expert’s blog might be any question related to human health or medicine. It can be:

  • personal observations of the clinic work in whole or clinic administration in particular, errors or achievements of the colleagues, subordinates, patients, etc.;
  • emotions / author's attitude to any matter related to health or the healthcare system in general,
  • other media - photos or videos of clinics, laboratories, streets, people, countries,
  • reasoning / analysis / proposals for legislative initiatives of the medical market, or the laws of any country;
  • opinion on any medication (not only the new product), cosmetics, fitness, power system, recipe, movie, series, the hero, and so on;
  • experience relating to any matter of medicine, not only personal, but also from your loved ones.

Please note! This is not a full list of all possible topics for blogging.

If you're ready TO BE PUBLIC - we are waiting for you on EuroMD!

For answers to other questions, please contact editor@euromd.com

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