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​Privacy Policy

Euromd.com is a web site on the Internet (hereinafter - The Site) that is hosting informational materials of medical and other topics. These materials are for informational purposes only, any changes and additions can be made to them without prior notice to users (customers) of the site. Continuing to use the site, the user (client) hereby expresses the unequivocal acceptance of such amendments.

Any information on this site, under any circumstances is not a tender offer, which is defined in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom and European Union. In addition, the site may contain links to other websites and online resources. The Company is not responsible for the content, quality, and security policies of those sites. This Privacy Policy applies only to the information posted directly on the euromd.com web site.

Administration of site has developed rules of this Privacy Policy to help protect the personal data of customers and partners. These include the collection, processing, storage and disclosure of personal data. Below is a list of rules that make up the company's Privacy Policy.

Collection and Control of the Personal Data

Web site collects and processes users' (clients') personal data users (clients) to ensure the development of the relationships in the provision of information and health care services.

Personal data includes such data that can be used to establish the identity of the person and contact this person. This data can be combined with the data of other partners and customers to ensure that the company can improve its services. Any partner or client has the right not to provide the data at our request, however, in this case access to the services of the euromd.com company will be limited for this range of people.

By providing personal data, the user automatically agrees to the company's processing, use and dissemination of personal data in accordance with the rules set forth herein.

For such control, personal data verification mechanisms are implemented into the site. Users (clients) are responsible for any consequences of providing false data. If any data has changed, the user (client) must correct the data in the system himself/herself, or contact customer support team of the site to make adjustments.

What Personal Information We May Need

  • The full name and patronymic (if any), mailing address, email address, phone number, credit card information, the preferred methods of communication with you..
  • If you exchange services or products of euromd.com with anyone, we need all of the above data of these individuals.
  • To verify the data provided, the euromd.com company has the right to require the proof of identity in online or offline mode.

Methods of usage and processing of personal data

  • We will inform you of new services, products of the company and about upcoming events as well as activities planned.
  • Use your data to improve the quality and distribution of our products and services; to prevent fraud.
  • For internal corporate events, such as an audit or corporate analysis
  • Personal information may also be combined with non-personal data, in this case, the information obtained from such association is private while it remains united.
  • Part of personal data can be provided to the bank or payment system if the provision of this information is needed due to the procedure of remittance in payment system services that the user wishes to use.

Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

Personal data is not transmitted by EuroMD to third parties for marketing purposes.

Administration of euromd.com has the right to disclose personal data to the partners that promote or provide products or services. Euromd.com has the right to share personal data of users (clients) with companies that specialize in:

  • Information processing.
  • Fulfilling orders.
  • Managing customer data.
  • Evaluation of users; interest in EuroMD services.
  • Conducting surveys to determine the satisfaction degree.

Companies specializing in such services are obliged to protect euromd.com users' personal data in those countries where the euromd.com provides its services.


Administration of euromd.com company has the right to disclose personal data to third parties if it is needed to reorganize the company, or if it’s needed to protect held operations .

Methods of Personal Data Protection

Administration of web site makes maximum efforts to protect and save the personal data. Site operators don’t disseminate the information (don’t transmit it to the third parties), which is the personal data of users (customers) of the site, except the cases that are specified by the legislation of Ukraine or the country in which the company offers its services.

To protect users’ information (personal data) site uses a secure connection (data is "packaged" in an SSL cryptographic protocol). Thus, all data is transmitted in encrypted form.

Furthermore, when the user releases information on euromd.com, conducts correspondence, watches a video or reads information from the site, the data published by the user can be accessed by other users. In this case, the user is responsible for the information that he leaves about himself/herself. For example, if you left the name and e-mail correspondence while on the site, it will be available to the public.

If you have any questions regarding any rules of Privacy Policy, you may at any time let us know about it by writing a message to the email address support@euromd.com

Euromd.com periodically updates its privacy policy. If we change the policy we put notice on our website along with the new privacy policy. Innovations become applied upon their publication on the website.

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