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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The purpose of these rules is to determine the boundaries, compliance of which is the main condition for the use of the EuroMD services - Community, Blogs, Online Consultations, Comments, Albums, Appointments, etc.

EuroMD project undertakes to provide complete confidentiality of the information obtained from the registered user. Their personal data will be used to inform about the emerging portal updates, as well as to prevent the misuse of project services.

To ensure ease and speed of communication provided by the e-mail, we ask users to leave their e-mails. We guarantee the use of the e-mail address on advertising purpose only after your consent.

To Register, You Agree That

  • You are 18 years old and you confirm it by leaving the date of birth,
  • Your email address is correct, and it can receive a message;
  • Do not use someone else's name or nickname and email address;
  • Immediately inform us if you’ve found out about your name and e-mail address being used without your permission;
  • You can register on the site only once.

General Conditions

  • Project administration reserves the right to require fulfillment of the site usage rules;
  • The ignorance of the rules does not exempt from compliance. If the user places any message on the site, it automatically means consent;
  • Rights of the materials published on euromd.com are governed by the copyright law;
  • The content that is published on the portal with an advertising sign is published as an advertisement. Administration of the project, in turn, is responsible for the content of all advertising materials, information and news publications, blogs and comments posted on the site, and for the consequences of their use;
  • The portal is not responsible for the damages resulting from the usage of the services or published information;
  • Portal user can be anyone who goes to euromd.com
  • Interactive portal resources can be used by anyone registered at euromd.com
  • Only registered users can leave comments, keep their own blogs, upload photos and videos.

Prohibited on the Site

  • To discuss hacking programs, servers, post links and publish copyrighted materials;
  • Call for any kind of violence, aggression, rioting and arson, physical destruction of anything, and the unleashing of hostilities;
  • Offend anyone or anything, expression of chauvinistic character, provoking a sharp reaction of others;
  • Advertise products or publications if the conditions are not consistent with the Administration of the site;
  • Flood - multiple repetition of anything, comments that are not related to the topic of the publication.

Moderation Guidelines

  • Comments, blogs and other online resources of the site are post-moderated: for example, if the complaint has been published on the website, moderator who’s familiar with it will review it once it’s posted on the site;
  • The moderator has the right to remove any message if it does not comply with the rules of the site usage;
  • Each user has a legal right to complain about any comment. If one comment receives several complaints, the moderator will have the right to hide it;
  • If the user won't agree with the decision of the moderator, he has the right to appeal to the technical service of the site.

In Total

  • Website administration reserves the right to change the aforementioned rules . All of these rules come into force from the moment of their publication on the website;
  • EuroMD reserves the right to remove the user's ability to deprive this user from using the site if he’s systematically violating the Terms and Conditions of euromd.com
  • EuroMD is always open for cooperation and ready to listen to wishes and constructive suggestions on the way www.euromd.ru works;
  • Any questions related to the site functioning, as well as publishing the information on the website, write an email to editor@euromd.com or support@euromd.com  

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