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Fundraising campaign, aiming to raise funds for an ultrasonic machine for Kyiv Children's Cardiac Center has started on Global Giving

Charity Foundation “Open Hearts of Ukraine” is aiming to provide patients of Kyiv Children's Cardiac Center with an opportunity to undergo surgery and live a full life after their congenital heart defects have been cured. For this purpose, we want to fix an expensive and extremely important ultrasonic machine that has failed to function. Doctors use it for carrying out more than 2000 operations a year. We are collecting money to buy a new motherboard and replace the broken one.

One in every 5000 children born in Ukraine is affected by a heart disease. Every 95 in 100 newborns will live if they get surgery in time. The Ukrainian Children's Cardiac Center is the only institution in Ukraine to operate children with congenital heart defects starting from their first days of life. It is one of the leading medical institutions in Ukraine to provide children from all over the country with treatment totally free of charge.

An ultrasonic machine will start functioning again allowing doctors to deliver about 2000 operations each year. Mobile ultrasound machine with high accuracy will diagnose congenital heart defects in children and adults. With this device, doctors can conduct surveys both during the consultations and the operation, which will enable them to observe heart function over time. It will also allow them to explore cardiac resuscitation after surgery.

Join the campaign here:http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/children-with-heart-defects/

Quotations of patients:

“Children's Cardiac Center became our second home. These are not merely, this is true. We appealed to the Center back in 2004, when no one believed that a child with such a diagnosis could survive. Only physicians at the Center gave us hope. Well, 20% of hope. So far we’ve had three open-heart surgeries behind us as well as an endovascular one. Fourheart defects have been cured. Valve and the pulmonary artery were replaced. Now,thereis a long and happy life ahead!

I am running out of words to express my many thanks to all the staff of the Centre; You are daily performing miracles! You’re fabulous magicians! Heartfelt thanks!”

Our first encounter with the Center began during pregnancy. Many thanks to Andrew Kazimirovich for his professionalism and sensitive heart! After the birth of our child, our prenatal diagnosis was confirmed. Marijka had stenosis of the pulmonary valve. But we were prepared, we knew what to do and who we should ask for help. It was Children's Cardiac Center. Open heart surgery was carried out in June 2012 when Mari was 7 months old. The names of the team doctors will always be remebered: the surgeon - Roman Igorovitch., the anesteziologist Alexander Sergijovych, the cardiologist andthe doctor - Alexander Vladimirovich. These people gave us a healthy heart! There are no words to express gratitude to the Centre and its great team that saves lives of our children!

"I'd like to thank all the doctors and medical staff of Children's Cardiac Center for saving my beloved son Nikishkin Maxim, who was operated in December 2011 and March 2015. Special thanks go to born doctors – Dr. Segal and Dr. Dovgaluk. I would also like to say words of gratitude for support and sympathizing with all our tears, for our sometimes irrelevant questions and for kind treatment in those hard days."

For more information please contact:

Maria Guryeva,

Charity Foundation “Open Hearts of Ukraine”

e-mail: guryeva@openhearts.ua

mob. +38(097) 44 87 999

About CF “Open Hearts of Ukraine”

Our mission is to favour formation of a society, whose comfortable environment would be with every year accessible to more citizens of Ukraine.Since 2009, we do projects, aiming to change our country for the better. Strategic directions of the Foundation are: promote the development of medicine in Ukraine by improving the logistics of medical facilities; provide assistance to people who are at risk; implement educational and cultural programs; support of gifted youth; creat conditions for leisure of children and youth. www.openhearts.ua

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