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​Russian Scientists Are Testing A Unique Drug Against Alcoholism

"Odelepran", a new development of "R-Pharm", is being tested in Tomsk Research Institute of Mental Health. This medication is aimed at combating alcoholism. Studies have shown that the drug reduces the level of alcohol consumption by 30%.

Russian Scientists Are Testing A Unique Drug Against Alcoholism

Drug blocks opioid receptors, reducing the feeling of euphoria caused by alcohol. That is, because of taking the drug, an alcoholic is no longer able to experience pleasure from alcohol, and the chain associated with a sense of reward is broken. As a result, the consumption of alcohol becomes more controlled and gradually loses its irresistible attraction.

The market already had the drugs of the same kind. For example, the cost of one of them for three months is 17,700 rubles. "Odelepran" will definitely overtake foreign competitors in price. Today we know that the domestic development is non-toxic and effective.

In Mental Health Research Institute in Tomsk, efficacy will be assessed by the reference to a particular patient during the treatment of main stages of alcoholism, including the stage of alcohol abuse and dependence. "Odelepran" should enter the market in 2017. In the meantime, scientists are invited to test volunteers. Participation is free, outpatient, anonymous and absolutely confidential.

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