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​Apple Introduced A New Research Platform ResearchKit

Apple introduced an open platform for data collection in medical research on March 9 during the presentation of new products. As stated by the developers, ResearchKit not only simplifies and makes the collection of information more efficient, but also helps in the selection of patients to participate in large-scale studies.

Apple Introduced A New Research Platform ResearchKit

The company's website says that one of the most difficult tasks in the preparation of studies was recruiting participants. Moreover, due to the absence of a large number of volunteers, it is impossible to collect the necessary information about the disease. In turn, ResearchKit allows iPhone users to participate in medical research, regardless of where they live, as volunteers can perform tasks and fill out forms using their iPhone.

In addition, ResearchKit allows researchers to request informed consent from the patients in an interactive mode. Members themselves choose in which studies they want to participate and what data they will provide. The company stressed that the collected information will not be available for Apple.

Currently, the world's leading research organizations have created a number of applications within ResearchKit. Thus, the application Asthma Health allows patients with asthma to control their condition and helps researchers to collect data on the triggers of the disease. Similar applications have been developed to obtain information from patients with diabetes (GlucoSuccess), breast cancer (Share the Journey), cardiovascular diseases (MyHeart Counts) and Parkinson's disease (mPower).

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