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Novartis Intends To Launch A "Multi-Blockbuster" Drug To Treat Hypertension

According to Novartis forecasts, its experimental drug LCZ696 will be a "multi-blockbuster" with the level of annual sales of 2-5 billion dollars after entering the market.

Novartis Intends To Launch A

According to Novartis Executive Officer Joe Jimenez, some analysts believe that sales of the new drug for the treatment of heart failure can reach 8-10 billion dollars, however, in his opinion, these forecasts are too optimistic.

Novartis plans to submit an application for LCZ696 registration in December this year. It is expected that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will take a final decision by the end of 2015.

According to clinical studies, among patients receiving LCZ696 hospitalization and mortality as a result of cardiovascular diseases was significantly reduced by 20% and 16% respectively. The effectiveness of the new drug is compared with enalapril.

LCZ696 is an inhibitor of angiotensin-neprilysin receptor. The drug increases the level natriuretics and other vasoactive peptides and also suppresses the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system.

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