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​Ibuprofen For Long and Healthy Life

Researchers from the Newcastle University are convincing that this medicine helps people with diabetes and dementia. Unlikely that the drug will help to cure the disease, but it may be capable to slow the progression to avoid the development of other ailments.

Ibuprofen For Long and Healthy Life

Bottom line is that the inflammation that brings pain, fever and swelling occurs when human body is fighting some type of infection. This same inflammation could be observed in the body with chronic age-related ailments like arthritis. In turn, the studying mice showed that if they were genetically predisposed to inflammation, the rate of aging of the organism has significantly increased.

Due to inflammation body's cells hibernate and don’t try to breed. New cells are vital to maintain youth. Ibuprofen does not let the cells hibernate. In animals, for example, the drug also helped to restore the liver. However, ibuprofen has unpleasant side effects - increased risk of stroke, heart attack and reduced fertility in women. Also possible side effects are indigestion and ulceration.

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