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A Simple Travelling Guide: Laws for Vaping around the Globe

Vaping is gaining much widespread popularity in the US, yet more and more controversial stories surrounding this particular trend are beginning to surface. Everybody is curious to know about the laws for vaping being formulated by different states around the world. Because every country is different, it’s important to know the vaping laws of that particular country before you decide on visiting.

Below are some vaping laws followed in some of the most popular destinations around the world:


In Australia, people are prohibited from importing or purchasing nicotine-containing e-cigarettes. The country, however, does allow its citizens to use e-cigarettes as long as these products don’t come with nicotine.


Although vaping in Canada is allowed, each providence laws are by far very different from the other. Generally, no vaping is permitted in areas where cigarette smoking is cautioned against. You also must be 19 years old and above to buy vaping products. Before you book a flight to Canada, acquaint yourself with each providence specific laws to avoid getting into problems with law enforcers.


Laws for vaping in China seem somewhat vague, though it’s legal to purchase and use e-cigarettes. In some places around China, however, the use of e-cigarettes isn’t allowed by any means. Thus, it’s important to exercise caution in such places to ensure you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Particularly in Hong Kong nicotine is regarded as a lethal chemical, and therefore, illegal to have in your possession.


Vaping in France is permitted, though you might notice some restriction in certain places so it’s important to exercise caution. Although some people may hate the idea of vaping in public areas, the government does allow it. You can enjoy some vaping in public buildings, on any public transportation, or in any other public setting that suits you. More importantly, the supply of vape products in the country is fairly lenient.


Vaping in Germany is legal and allowed for use among citizens. In fact, the country has the least strict laws concerning vaping than any other state on the planet. However, you must be 18 years old and above to be allowed to use and buy vape products containing nicotine. Also, the laws surrounding e-cigarettes keep changing all the time. It’s important to stay up-to-date with changes in regulation as they arise.


Vaping laws in the Netherlands are quite strict, especially when you’re dealing with matters concerning the safety production, requirements, and distribution of vape products. Not so long ago, sneaking of any vape juice feared to have nicotine into the country was strictly banned. Any person found in possession of such a product would be charged in court and their materials confiscated. Nevertheless, there have been some minor changes over the years but people are still not satisfied. Many people think that the selling and advertising aspect of it is heavily regulated.

United Kingdom

Vaping in the UK is legal and allowed for use among citizens. However, nobody is allowed to do so in public unless in private areas. Vaping in public could attract a hefty fine and have your products confiscated. Since currently many restrictions are being formulated against vaping products in the UK, many people will have a hard time getting their hands on the product.

► Conclusion

Before you travel to any country, make sure you look at the laws that govern the use of vaping products in that particular country. Also as a rule of thumb, try to avoid vaping in public because many states strongly restrict it. You should also be mindful of other people to mention the least. Otherwise, follow this guide every time you want to acquaint yourself with some of the laws for vaping strictly followed in some of the major popular destinations around the world. 

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