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​Mediterranean Diet Reduces The Risk Of Uterine Cancer Development

The risk of this disease increases in older age, as well as because of the excessive weight and malnutrition. It turns out that the Mediterranean diet reduces it by half. Researchers from Italy and Switzerland, studied 5000 women's diets. They wanted to find out how the Mediterranean diet affects the risk.

Mediterranean Diet Reduces The Risk Of Uterine Cancer Development

Diet implies eating large amounts of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, cereals, potatoes, fish, monounsaturated fats and requires limiting the consumption of meat, dairy products and alcohol. Experts evaluated 9 dietary components separaately. The study showed that the Mediterranean diet significantly reduced the risk of cancer.

Among women who eat 7-9 components of the Mediterranean diet regularly, the risk of cervical cancer has decreased by 57%. Participants who consumed 6 components, had the risk being reduced by 46%, while those who used the 5 componenets - got the risk reduced by 34%. And among other participants the risk slightly decreased. Scientists strongly recommend eating correctly.

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