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​Physical Activity During Pregnancy Reduces The Risk Of Caesarean Section

Scientists from the University of Alberta analyzed the data collected from 28 studies involving 5322 women. The researchers wanted to find out how does exercising during pregnancy affect children. For the participants who were active during pregnancy, the risk of cesarean section is proved to be reduced by 20%.

Physical Activity During Pegnancy Reduces The Risk Of Caesarean Section

In addition, active pregnant women 31% more times gave birth to a child with a high body weight than inactive participants. It is known that large babies often have weight problems as they become adults. So, apparently, physical activity during pregnancy can reduce the risk of obesity among children.

Another study, conducted earlier showed that the children of the women who were eating too much and did not devote time to physical exercises were often overweight or obese. Exessive weight, low physical activity and smoking during pregnancy were closely associated with obesity among children at the age of 8. However, moderate exercising during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of obesity for the unborn child.

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