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​Experts Solved The Mystery Of Auditory Perception

Researchers from the University of New South Wales answered the questions about how the brain allocates the sound between the ears. The allocation of the balance of hearing occurs helping to locate the source of the sound and protects your hearing from damage caused by noise. The team studied the biological mechanism olivo cochlear reflex.

Experts Solved The Mystery Of Auditory Perception

According to scientists, hearing balance depends on the olivo cochlear reflex hearing. Thanks to the "cochlear amplifier" in the inner ear people are able to hear very quiet sounds. The role of the amplifier is performed by the outer hair cells of the cochlea. Experts have found that these cells transmit the touch signal to the brain via a small group of auditory nerve fibers, whose function has not yet been known.

The supply of loud sound in one ear had no effect on auditory sensitivity of the other ear among the mice lacking this connection. Among normal mice auditory sensitivity almost instantly weakened in this case. Researchers believe that a violation of this communication leads to hearing problems in old age.

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