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​Increased Sugar And Alzheimer's Disease Are Connected

Sweet foods, such as cakes and chocolate may be implicated in the development of Alzheimer's disease, a study of the Medical School of University of Washington has proven. Apparently, high blood sugar affects the brain and exacerbates the neurological abnormalities.

Increased Sugar And Alzheimer's Disease Are Connected

Scientists have found in on the example of mice: increased sugar leads to an increase of the level of beta-amyloid protein that is the basis of harmful deposits in the brain that are common for Alzheimer's disease. It is well known that in case of diabetes and some other diseases the glucose control is impaired.

Consequently, diabetics are at increased risk for neurological illnesses. Perhaps, the focus on the control of sugar can prevent detrimental changes in the brain. Also, experts advise to eat right and not to abuse sweets.

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