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​Engineers Have Made A Real Revolution In The Treatment Of Cancer

The effectiveness of vaccines against cancer can be increased if the cancer antigens inserted into silicone nanoparticles. This approach would completely inhibit tumor growth after the administration of only one dose of vaccine. At least, these results have been achieved after conducting the tests on animal models.

Engineers Have Made A Real Revolution In The Treatment Of Cancer

The particles provide sustained production of vaccines and the development of cancer antigens. Importantly, the particles themselves are also able to stimulate an immune response (production of type I interferon). As well, they were transferred from one cell with the antigen to another to maintain long-term effect of working antigens.

For example, if you load the vaccine with HER2 cancer antigen, it is possible to cause lasting immune response against cancer cells that produce too much HER2. Such vaccines already exist. But because of the imperfection of the delivery system, which is now fixed, it was impossible to use them effectively. The new approach also allows the changes of the tumor microenvironment, thereby contributing to the recovery.

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