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​Canadian Researchers Have Discovered A New Ability Of Norovirus

The virus can spread in air a few meters around the infected person. This way the accepted standards do not work  with this virus in terms of deterrence of infection. Laval University Experts insist on the introduction of a special air filtration or isolation of patients with the virus.

Canadian Researchers Have Discovered A New Ability Of Norovirus

They conducted a study in eight hospitals, where they the outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by norovirus was recorded by the scientists. The virus triggers inflammation of the stomach and intestines, vomiting and diarrhea. Experts collected air samples in a radius of 1 meter from patients.

As a result, the virus found in the air of 6 out of 8 hospitals. In 54% of cases it was present in the wards of patients, in 38% of cases it was found in the corridors leading to the hospital wards and in 50% of all cases 50% it was found in nursing positions. The concentration of the virus varies from 13 to 2350 particles per cubic meter of air. A dose of 20 particles is enough for gastroenteritis to appear. To date, at least 25 known strains of the virus are dangerous. The virus can live on surfaces for several days after an infected person touched them.

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