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​Research Shows: Sons Take Away Their Mothers' Health

Sons can deliver a lot of trouble and experiences. And, according to recent studies, if a woman works and she has a son, she automatically falls into the high risk of heart disease and fatal heart attacks. It was showed in the eight-year observation of about 100,000 women.

Research Showes: Sons Take Away Their Mothers' Health

The reasons for the increased risk is known a little. Perhaps the sons are unwilling to take over household chores and help the mother. This creates an additional burden on a woman. Also, boys are more likely to get into trouble. Thus, the majority of women involved in the study worked and 60% of them had at least one child. By itself, work was not harmful to the health. It were only the sons who could cause the issues with health.

Working mother, having at least two boys, is more than 2 times more likely to experience heart disease than childless women. But the presence of the daughters did not affect the statistics. According to employees of the University of Turin, the daughter could provide a lot of support for mothers and rarely cause her to worry. It is possible that the problem is rooted in pregnancy (boys may create an unnecessary burden on a woman's heart as thel are larger than girls).

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