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Children Begin To Use Gadgets Too Early

Experts interviewed 370 parents having children aged form 6 months to 4 years. They found that the majority of children that were no older than 2 years were already actively using electronic devices. In general, modern technology was present in many families. 97% had television sets, 83% had tablets, 77% had smartphones, and 59% had access to the Internet. Parents admitted that 52% of children not reaching the age of 1 year were watching television, 36% touched the screens of gadgets, 24% called someone, 15% used applications and 12% played video games.

Children Begin To Use Gadgets Too Early

The older the child becomes, the more time he or she devoted gadgets. 26% of two-year old children and 38% of four year old ones used electronic devices for at least one hour daily. Experts are extremely concerned about these results. According to them, the obsession with gadgets and the Interne among children can cause learning difficulties, problems with attention, obesity and risk behavior.

Many parents give their children special gadgets. For example, 73% of respondents allowed the child to play with electronic devices when doing household chores. 60% of children were left with gadgets, when parents were leaving on business. 65% tried to calm their child with the help of electronic devices. 29% hoped that the gadget will help the child to sleep. While only 30% of respondents discussed the matter with the pediatrician.

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