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​Raspberries: A Secret Weapon Against Cancer

Experts from Clemson University conducted a study on animals. They found that raspberry kills cancer cells. Scientists gave the animal extracts of raspberries. As a result, more than 90% of tumor cells of the intestine died.

Raspberries: A Secret Weapon Against Cancer

It has long been known that raspberry has antioxidant properties. Researchers believe that raspberries also have a special anti-cancer component. According to experts, none of the known antioxidants are able to destroy 90% of the cancer cells. Moreover, probably cancer is killed by some combination of substances contained in raspberries.

Previously, scientists thought that cancer can only be healed by some varieties of raspberries, for example, black raspberries. Researchers have proved that it is not. Since tumor is handled by any sort of berries. Raspberry has other useful properties. It is full of vitamin C, which is essential for male fertility, and magnesium, involved in the production of testosterone. Also berries save sperm from oxidative stress.

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