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Discovery: Viruses Protect Embryo From Various Diseases

After the study at Stanford University there have been examined genes of three-day human embryos. And in several cells, the scientists have discovered not the genes of parents alone, but the ones of HERVK virus as well. It is a so-called endogenous virus. It was to get into the body of humans about 200 000 years that is long ago.

Discovery: Viruses Protect Embryo From Various Diseases

Experts were to observe HERVK activities. And it was suddenly found the fact that the virus cell was in charge of protein prodcution that protected yet unborn baby from different malfunctions and some other virusal infections, including as influenza. HERVK also had control over ribosomes' activities.

It is to mention that some time ago the geneticists were convinced that the virus causes only harm to the body. A different beleif was first announced in Lund University. They stress that some ancient viruses helped in the process of human brain evolution.

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