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​Geneticists Have Discovered A Mutation Associated With Long-Term Smoking

Researchers from the University of Washington School of Medicine analyzed the data collected from 24 studies involving more than 29,000 smokers. Experts have concluded that smokers with certain changes in the gene called CHRNA5  smoke four years longer than those who do not have such a mutation in avarage. They usually quit smoking at the age of 56 years, and people without the mutation give up smoking once they are 52 years old.

Geneticists Have Discovered A Mutation Associated With Long-Term Smoking

In addition, mutation carriers who kept smoking were diagnosed with "lung cancer" four years earlier than smokers without the mutation. Also, people with a mutation deeply inhaled smoke. Researchers say that smokers with changes in gene CHRNA5 should be checked for lung cancer at a younger age.

According to the researchers, previous studies have shown that such things, as nicotine patches and gums help smokers having changes in the gene give up the habit. That is, their existing risk of lung cancer actually gets reduced.

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