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​Scientists Discovered A "Center Of Sarcasm" In The Brain

A new study, conducted at Johns Hopkins University, was attended by 24 people who have had a stroke. After a stroke many people start having problems with perception and speech reproduction. Scientists have found: the ability to catch the sarcasm also suffers.

Scientists Discovered A

The researchers scanned the brains of volunteers. They studied 8 neural pathways associated with speech recognition and transfer of information between different brain regions. Also experts conducted an experiment. Participants listened to 40 sentences. The researchers asked them to determine which of them have been said in a sincere manner, and which were said with sarcasm.

Scientists noticed that the volunteers did not distinguish sarcasm had right sagittal layer of the brain, the path connecting the frontal and temporal regions with the thalamus, damaged. According to them, the data from the auditory areas arrive in the cerebral cortex. Participants with injuries of this brain area managed to identify only 22% of the sarcastic phrases. The researchers hope that their findings will help those who have suffered a stroke establish relationships with the beloved ones.

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