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​Depression Increases The Risk Of Joint Problems

The researchers from the University of Basel and the Ruhr University checked the data that was collected from 14,328 people. The research has proven that people with the symptoms of depression often have from physical illnesses. One person out of three diagnosed with depression was exposed to the risk of no less than 1 physical illness.

Depression Increases The Risk Of Joint Problems

Especially close was the connection between depression and degenerative as well as inflammatory joint diseases, including osteoarthritis and arthritis. Wehn it coems to such kind of inflammation, the body produces blood and affected tissues chemicals. Contact of such substances with the blood and tissues causes reddening and burning. Because some substances fluid leaks in the tissues. There occurs nerve stimulation that leads to pain.

Another recent study found that mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety disorder and schizophrenia reduce life expectancy. About 8 million people die because of mental health problems annually. The probability of death from a variety of somatic diseases among people with mental disorders is higher by 80% in avarage.

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