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​Blood Transfusions May Cause Unexpected Side Effects

Severe allergy to fish (salmon) and peanuts has been observed in an eight-year boy organizm after blood transfusion. Doctors were forced to give the patient a syringe with epinephrine. In this case, the boy did not have allergy before the transfusion. Transfusion was held in connection with the treatment of brain cancer.

Blood Transfusions May Cause Unexpected Side Effects

Apparently, allergies appeared to be the result of contact of antibodies to allergens with the child's body. Therefore, the patient had an allergy that was developed to products the child could eat without any issues before. According to doctors, in addition to taking antihistamines, in this case you one can try to gradually enter products that are causing allergy into the diet. Typically, allergic reactions disappear with time.

However, this puts forward the question of donor material safeness. Plasma is of a particular concern. In this regard, experts urge donors to check for allergies more carerully. In fact, there are quite a lot of donors among allergy sufferers. For example, research conducted in Canada in 2010, showed that nearly 8% of donors had severe allergies.

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