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Discovery: Strokes And Paralysis Will No Longer Be An Issue

Protein concentrate APOSEC that is got from white blood cells may reduce the overall damage that is caused by spinal cord injury. It was discovred by the researchers at Medical University of Vienna. Experiments conducted on animals have shown that if the injection of APOSEC was made into the abdominal cavity just 40 minutes after the injury, the person managed to avoid severe paralysis.

Discovery: Strokes And Paralysis Will No Longer Be An Issue

APOSEC is prepared from white blood cells with the help of radiation. And it is a quite inexpensive procedure. The medicinal agent may be frozen for storage for the later use. In this work the researchers used human virus-inactivated APOSEC. This agent has already been approved for use among humans by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety.

Injection activated the regeneration process by vascularization (the formation of new blood vessels). The research team has shown that the introduction of APOSEC gave positive results in the initiation of acute stroke. Injection helps to reduce the overall damage from stroke by 30%.

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