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​Experts Refuted The Famous Myth About Apples

It is believed, though only one apple a day is enough to improve health. Recently, scientists from Michigan have found that this is not the case. Experts analyzed data collected from 8,399 Americans. Moreover, the researchers first found evidence of the amazing benefits of apples. Participants who ate one small apple a day, went to the doctor several times a year by 9% less than those who did no.

Experts Refuted The Famous Myth About Apples

When the experts took into account other factors, it was found that the chances of visiting a doctor among people who ate apples, and those who did not eat them were  equal. Fans of apples stayed in the hospital overnight and visited to the experts in the field of mental health as often as the other volunteers. However, they  took less drugs prescribed. An apple a day was eaten by 753 (9%) study participants out of Of the 8399, while 7646 (91%) of them did not eat one.

The researchers do not deny that apples are good for health. They contain vitamin C, desired immune system. In addition, apples strengthen teeth and protect brain cells. Perhaps they are even able to prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease. However, apparently, the overall health is not affected by eating apples much.

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