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One Should Not Be An Alcoholic To Earn Liver Cancer

All three alcoholic drinks are enough to be drunk daily to develop liver cancer. But coffee can reduce cancer risk, the researchers say. It is known that  5-6 units of alcohol (about three standard glasses of wine for 175 grams) in many cases lead to liver cancer. However, according to several studies, a daily intake of coffee reduces the probability at 14% per each cup.

One Should Not Be An Alcoholic To Earn Liver Cancer

Experts took into account the results of 8.2 million people, from which more than 24,500 people had liver cancer. The statistics was hugely affected by a person's weight, the use of alcohol and coffee. It was established that the regular consumption of fish and regular exercises reduces the risk of the disease.

Overall, researchers concluded that women should not drink more than one alcoholic drink per day, and men shouldn't have more than two drinks. According to them, we should not forget that alcohol, like tobacco, is a carcinogen that refers to the first class. Also overweight people are at the increased risk of cancer. Coffee, in addition to protection from liver cancer, decreases the probability of developing uterine cancer.

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