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Marijuana Somking During Adolescence Leads To Memory Problems

According to a new study conducted by the Northwestern University, marijuana alters the shape of the hippocampus and impairs long-term memory. Teens who smoke marijuana frequently (daily for about three years) are subjected to a risk of such violations.

Marijuana Somking During Adolescence Leads To Memory Problems

In a study conducted on young people who abused cannabis in adolescence, coped with long-term memory tests by 18% worse than those who have never been fond of marijuana. Changes in the structure of the hippocampus and memory problems were observed among young people aged 20 years, 2 years after they stopped smoking cannabis. The longer a person smoked marijuana, the worse the anomaly in the hippocampus was.

Changes affect the structure of neurons, axons or their environment. Probably, among people who abuse marijuana, the area associated with memory suffers most. Previous studies have shown that cannabis impairs short-term and working memory. In addition, it changes the shape of brain structures, such as the striatum, globus pallidus, and thalamus.

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