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​Vegetarian Diet Reduces The Risk Of Colon And Rectum Cancer

Colorectal cancer is closely related to the human diet. For example, red meat  increases the risk of this disease significantly, while foods rich in fiber, protect against this type of cancer. A new study showed that vegetarian diet can prevent the development of colon and rectum cancer.

Vegetarian Diet Reduces The Risk Of Colon And Rectum Cancer

Experts studied almost 380 cases of colon cancer and 110 cases of rectal cancer. The risk of colorectal cancer in vegetarians was at 22% lower than that of meat-eaters. A vegetarian diet reduces the risk of colon cancer by 19%, and rectum cancer - by 29%.

For the vegetarians who ate milk and eggs the risk was lower by 18%.  For those who ate fish it was lover by 43%, and for half-vegetarians it dicreased by 8%. So, proper diet saves not only from obesity, hypertension, diabetes and premature death, but also from colorectal cancer. For this purpose, experts once again advise people to think about their diet.

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