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​Human Hands Are The Real "Biological Mail", The Researchers Found

Employees of the Institute of Science in Rehovot, Weizmann made an unexpected discovery. It turns out that when people shake hands, they not only exchange bacteria, but also chemical signals. An experiment was conducted with the participation of 300 volunteers.

Human Hands Are The Real

All of them came to the head of research for an interview one by one. Scientist greeted volunteers using handshake, and then moved to another room. At this time, the behavior of the person left in the laboratory has been recorded by a hidden camera. In turn, the specially designed computer software was creating the models of the hand movements of each person. It turned out that people involuntarily sniffed their hands several times. Their hands were near the mouth for about 22% of the total time they were waiting.

In the second part of the experiment study leader shook hands with several volunteers in rubber gloves. Later on the there were found the molecules of squalene and palmitic acid on the glove. These compounds are also allocated in the course of communication of animals (rats and dogs). It turns out that during the handshake people also exchange chemical signals, apparently passing each other important information from a biological point of view.

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