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​Fructose Was Proved To Be The Main Cause Of Diabetes Type 2

Researchers at the Heart Institute of St. Luke's presume that the consumption of foods and beverages containing so-called added sugars, such as fructose, is a major factor in the sharp increase in the number of cases of diabetes type 2 being diagnosed. Globally, approximately one out of ten adults suffer from this disease.

Fructose Was Proved To Be The Main Cause Of Diabetes Type 2

The number of diabetics in the world has grown more than twice for 28 years. So, in 1980, 153 million people suffered from diabetes while in 2008, 347 million of people suffered from this disease. Experts evaluated the data from experiments conducted on animals and studies involving many people. Recent studies have shown that the replacement of glucose to fructose leads to adverse consequences.

Especially dangerous is fructose that can be found in table sugar and corn syrup , a sweetener commonly used in the food industry. Fructose, which is a part of natural products, such as fruits and vegetables, is harmless to the body. In contrast, consumption of fruits and vegetables, protects against diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Scientists strongly recommend that people prefere fruits and vegetables to  foods containing so-called added sugars.

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