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​Engineers Created An Algorithm To Predict Epileptic Seizures

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disease accompanied by seizures. Causes of  seizures are brain damages, such as stroke, brain tumors, traumatic brain injury (TBI), or central nervous system melfunctions. Fortunately, regular check-ups and treatment in most cases lead to remission.

Engineers Created An Algorithm To Predict Epileptic Seizures

Previously effective methods that helped to predict when an attack could have happened next did not exist. The researcher notes that he created the method that can predict the likelihood of an attack with an accuracy of 82%. The algorithm has been developed thanks to the competition, announced in August last year.

More than 500 research teams from around the world have tried to think of a way that would identify and predict attacks. Competition was won by Michael Hills, Computer Engineer from Australia. The algorithm classifies the various aspects of a localized electric field potential in the brain.

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