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​The Immune System Of The Intestine Helps To Cope With Diabetes And Obesity

A study conducted by the researchers from University College London found that a protein MyD88, providing an immune response, helps control weight and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes associated with obesity. A team of researchers studied the mechanisms of development of obesity and type 2 diabetes when following a diet high in fat. It turned out that the immune system is capable of regulating intestinal metabolism.

In order to lose weight and to reduce the risk of diabetes, one needs the suppression of the immune system of the intestine, namely in cells of MyD88 protein located on the surface of the intestine. Inhibition of protein slows down the process of developing diabetes and adipose tissue. In addition, it reduces the harmful effects of inflammation caused by obesity, and improves the intestinal barrier function.

This change of immunity helped experimental rodents to lose weight, even if they already suffered from obesity. The researchers concluded that the intestinal immune system plays an important role in maintaining the normal body weight. Moreover, it may change the composition of the intestinal bacteria.

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