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It Is not Necessary For A ​Child To Sleep At Night

This is found by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania. In their opinion, parents should not worry if their child does not sleep at night. Sleeping of children often changes, at least for the first three years of life.

It Is not Necessary For A Child To Sleep At Night

There are many reasons why a child does not sleep, for example, physiological changes, activity level, or separation anxiety (fear of separation from parents). So, night waking of the child is not always associated with abnormal behavior of parents. The scientists analyzed data from a study of children sleeping. They found that the presence of parents, in particular, during the withdrawal of the child to sleep does not lead to wakefulness at night, as previously thought.

Meanwhile, many experts believe that the night's sleep is very important for children. For example, one study found that if a child sleeps little or suffers from insomnia, during the day he or she will eat more than peers deprived of sleep problems. Because of this, the risk of obesity for this child may increase.

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