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​Dinners With Family Save Teenagenrs From Obesity

One or two family dinners a week are enough to reduce the risk of obesity development. The scientists used data from a study that lasted for 10 years. They assessed adolescent's diet, physical activity and his or her attention to weight. Afterwards the researchers collected data on the frequency of family meals and body mass index (BMI) of volunteers.

Dinners With Family Save Teenagenrs From Obesity

About 51% of the participants were overweight, and 22% of them were obese. Among adolescents who never ate with the family, 60% were overweight and 29% were obese. Daily family dinners significantly reduced the risk of obesity among adolescents. In addition, these teenagers were less likely to be overweight and obese in adulthood.

Thus, family dinners are very useful for teenagers. According to scientists, this effect occurred due to the fact that the meals together promote the formation of a close emotional bond between family members. In addition, during such dinners teenagers are more likely to eat healthy foods.

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