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​Excess Of Salt In Face Skin And Muscles Can Cause Hypertension

Specialists at Vanderbilt University decided to check if the salt stored in the skin and muscle of man has an impact on blood pressure holding test which 200 volunteers took part in. People involved in study had slightly high blood pressure. And scientists have suggested that not only the salt that enters the body with food may cause such affects, but also the salt contained in the skin and muscles could be the reason.

Excess Of Salt In Face Skin And Muscles Can Cause Hypertension

Volunteers will be offered a cure for heart failure (spironolactone) or placebo in the shortest terms. Spironolactone helps to remove excess of water, and salt with it. Experts will analyze the salt content in the muscle and before and after would have taken pills. It is known that excess of salt increases blood pressure and the risk of edema. And its is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. Scientists have found storage of salt located in the tissue. According to them, these storages may be associated not only with high blood pressure, but also  with inflammation.

A threatening may cause autoimmune diseases that is when the immune system attacks the body's cells by mistake. This was already proved by Yale University. By the way, parallel study is conducted regarding grape seed extract in terms of its impact on a diet rich in salt. Within 6 weeks 25 patients with heart failure at the age of 50 years and older will be given 300 milligrams of extract twice a day or placebo. Scientists will take the pressure monitoring. It is conducted to verify the theory that if the extract prevents liquids to penetrate into the bloodstream, the negative effect of the salt should be reduced.

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