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Advanced Thermometer Replaces Doctors

Scientists have created a unique portable device that can warn people about deviations in the heart or when they need to apply moisturizer. The new device has only the length of five inches. It can be worn as a wrist watch. The main thing for it is the direct contact with the skin.

Advanced Thermometer Replaces Doctors

In is based on wireless technology, that includes more than three thousand of liquid crystals placed on a flexible basis. This system is very sensitive to temperature changes. By observing the changes in the color of the device one can get an understanding what his condition is. It is comfortable to wear a device as it is almost not noticeable.

Changes in body temperature indicate rates of blood flow. This is the marker of cardiovascular condition and the level of hydration. Once the crystal determines the temperature, it gets to change its color. This happens to all of the crystals on the surface of the bracelet together. The result is given in less than 30 seconds. By the way, the device has an independent heating system, which is powered by electromagnetic waves. This system is also used to determine the thermal properties of the skin.

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