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​Epilepsy Drugs Can Provoke Unusual Side Effects

For example, a 76-year-old woman got a compulsive desire to write poetry. In 2013, she visited a doctor having complaints about memory problems. She even sometimes got lost in the city. And for the past two years, she experienced seizures similar to epilepsy. She was diagnosed with "temporal lobe epilepsy" and doctors prescribed lamotrigine for curing. It has saved her from the attacks, but her behaviour has changed.

Epilepsy Drugs Can Provoke Unusual Side Effects

In particular, a sudden interest in poetry occurred. She writes 10-15 poems a day. If the process of writing is interrupted, a woman is experiencing severe irritation. The main goal for her is to write a rhymed text and the content is quite banal. Gradually, the urge to write lesses. This deviation is known as a hypergraph. Often it affects schizophrenics. But usually the creative works of patients are sporadic.

Attacks could lead to rebuilding of brain circuits that are associated with language systems, emotional reactions and feelings of reward. This explains the compulsive component. All these circuits are located quite close to each other. During the attacks, chains were inactive. But thanks to the treatment they got activated, which resulted in an inexplicable craving for poetry.

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