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Blood Helps Diagnose Depression

Now to diagnose depression there is no need to question the patient. Everything can be done by taking blood test. Scientists at Northwestern University have found a special chemical compounds that are the markers for the disease. In their work they used blood samples of adolescents.

Blood Helps Diagnose Depression

It was found that adolescents's bodies with early depression onset had specific biomarkers. Earlier analysis of the animals allowed to identify 26 markers in the blood associated with stress and genetic features, paired with brain injury. It is known that if the depression occurs at an early age, the prognosis is extremely disappointing. Depression is diagnosed for about 25% of young people. In the future, it can lead to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Therefore, theoretically, chemical markers are able to predict the development of these malwares.

So, the study involved14 healthy adolescents and 14 adolescents with depression symptoms. As a result, sick people were accurately identified by blood tests. In the future, scientists want to test the effectiveness of the methodology on a larger group of volunteers suffering from depression, other mental disorders and healthy ones.

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