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Breath Temperature Helps To Diagnose Lung Cancer

Scientists from the University of Foggia examined patients that were suspected to have lung cancer. According to study results, the temperature of breath is a simple and non-invasive method to confirm or refute the terrible diagnosis. The assumption that the breath test can be an effective method for diagnosing certain cancers existed for a long time. However, this is the first study to show that the temperature of breath can identify lung cancer at an early stage.

Breath Temperature Helps To Diagnose Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, also known as pulmonary carcinoma, is one of most deadly cancers. Smoking is considered to be a major risk factor for this disease. The current study involved 82 patients who had to undergo a complete diagnostic evaluation involving x-ray testing after they were found to have signs of lung cancer. For 40 participants the diagnosis was confirmed and for 42 - it was not. Researchers measured all patients' exhaled air temperature. This was done with X-Halo thermometer, which is a device specifically designed to measure the temperature of breath.

For individuals with lung cancer the respiration temperature was higher than for all the rest. It increased depending on cancer development and on how long the person has smoked. As the threshold was known, it allowed to identify lung cancer with high accuracy. Scientists believe that a new method will revolutionize the diagnosis of cancer. This is a cheap and easy way. Furthermore, it does not so greatly increase stress level among patients comparing to the other currently existing methods.

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