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High Blood Sugar Levels Can Cause Cancer

Analysis of 16 studies and data collected from 900,000 people from different countries involved into researches has shown that the risk of cancer increased by 15% if the person had prediabetes (that is when the level of blood sugar is high, but not high enough for diabetes to develop).

High Blood Sugar Levels Can Cause Cancer

Taking into account body mass index, risk factors for pre-diabetes and cancer, the researchers found that pre-diabetes increased the risk of cancer by 22%. In particular, it was proved for stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, breast and endometrium cancer. Thus, for people with prediabetes liver cancer was revealed 2 times more often. The risk of endometrial cancer increased by - 60%, of stomach or colon cancer – by 50%, of breast cancer - by 20%.

There can be several explanations. For example, with high sugar level insulin resistance tends to increase. This provokes an active secretion of insulin proteins that help cancer cells grow. It is also possible that genetic variations increase the risk of both abnormalities.

Without treatment, pre-diabetes is able to develop into a full-fledged diabetes in 5 years. And, according to statistics, pre-diabetes is diagnosed more often. You can protect yourself by dieting, exercising, and taking drugs that reduce sugar.

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