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Short Stature is a Plus for Men

Men of a short stature keep married for a longer period of time compared to tall ones. But, tall men are known to get married faster than the others. Also, according to scientists, men with low growth are trying to compensate this fact and earn more money.

Short Stature is a Plus for Men

Tall men tend to use their status to attract women with a relatively high income. Undersized men are better educated compared to the partners. This is also a compensation for their low growth. But those men, whose growth is not more than 175 centimeters, have sex more often and get more pleasure from it according to scientists.

When the researchers compared the performance of sexual activity, based on age, height, weight, health. The study proved that  young and gent men often attracted  women’s attention whereas low -height men could be most sexually active.

And another study showed that undersized men (157 centimeters in height or less) live longer than tall ones. According to researches held in University of Hawaii, men of short stature have a special "protective" gene - FOXO3. It is responsible for reduction in body size and longer life. Also, men of small stature tend to have reduced level of insulin in the blood and suffer from cancer less often than those of large stature.

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