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​"Treating" Hangover With Alcohol Is Beneficial For Health

Researchers have established that freshen the nip is necessary, because it really is the ideal cure for a hangover. That’s why refreshing cocktails like "Bloody Mary" are so popular. It’s known that often it is brought by the dehydration, but there can be other reasons. There is a theory saying that a hangover is the body's reaction to the presence of low concentrations of methyl alcohol.

Then the drink carrying ethanol in it can affect the methyl alcohol and hangover symptoms can go away. Most likely, the person will just get drunk again, and this will mask the hangover symptoms. Moreover, most people who freshen the nip are alcoholics. The theory is expressed by a logical basis though. In all alcoholic beverages, there are traces of the toxic methanol, causing blindness, and even death, if the concentration is high. The body converts it to formaldehyde. This compound causes oxygen starvation.

Since in the normal alcoholic beverages there’s little methanol poisoning is unlikely to occur. But its accumulation causes a hangover. Ethanol stops the methanol to formaldehyde conversion. In any case, it is better to avoid hangover than to cure it. Experts do not recommend consuming with an empty stomach, it is advised not to order dark colored drinks and consume water before leaving to bed after a rough night.

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