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​Male Infertility Is 100% Related To The Level Of Stress

Stress is a clear risk factor for impaired fertility in men due to the deterioration in the quality of sperm, scientists say. Consequently, couples who want to have a baby, must first take care of the mental state.

Male Infertility Is 100% Related To The Level Of Stress

Psychological stress is harmful for sperm, has negative effect on sperm concentration, appearance, the ability to fertilize an egg. The greater the stress, the lower the amount of sperm in the ejaculate. Moreover, increases the risk that the motility of the sperm will be broken, according to a study at Columbia University.

Due to stress hormones glucocorticoids is released, which can reduce the level of testosterone and sperm production. Another reason - oxidative stress negatively affects the quality of the seed. It has been proved with a survey of 193 women of 38-49 years of age.

Males have passed the tests assessing the level of stress caused by work and other influences. The general condition and the actual events that can lead to stress were taken into account. Both objective and subjective stress impair the quality of sperm. Noteworthy: unemployed men had reduced sperm quality compared to working men, regardless of the level of stress at work.

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