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​Deadly Poisons Can Save Cancer Patients

Poisons of scorpions, snakes and bees will be used by oncologists after tests revealed the ability of toxins from these poisons to eliminate cancer. Toxins were tested in the laboratory on cell cultures.

Deadly Poisons Can Save Cancer Patients

Scientists at the Illinois University were able to conclude the poison into little particles, which don't allow it to leak into blood, damaging the person. The particles were effective against melanoma and breast cancer. They were invisible to immune system, allowing to enter the tumor directly and unharmed.

It’s known that the venom contains peptides and proteins that may join the cells of cancer. But they may damage the heart and nerves cells, which brings, in particular, subcutaneous bleeding. Nanoparticles solve the problem. Then scientists identified melittin in bee venom that don’t let the cancer cells reproduce. In the next 3-5 years, scientists hope to test other types of bee venom on humans.

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