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​Short-Term Stress Is Good For The Skin

University of California's scientists have found out that a short acute psychological stress has beneficial effects for skin. Responding to stress, adrenals produce glucocorticoid, steroid hormones with anti-inflammatory effect. In conditions of chronic stress same hormones may weaken the skin's protective function and slow down the healing process. However, during the short-term exposure to stress, they reduce inflammation and help the skin to cope with the problems.

Short-Term Stress Is Good For The Skin

Researchers tested the effects of stress in mice with contact irritant dermatitis caused by soap or solvent, allergic contact dermatitis, brought by poison ivy or oak, and eczema, chronic skin disease. In all three cases, stress decreased inflammation and promoted healing. The hypothesis was confirmed by scientists and people. The researchers suggest that their findings explain why feature that is so harmful in chronic stress was preserved during evolution.

Improving the condition of the skin can be done other ways. Recently scientists have found that the beneficial bacteria taken by mouth or directly through the skin, can tame eczema, acne, rosacea and other skin diseases. According to Dr. Whitney Bove, these bacteria form a protective layer that reduces inflammation and protects the skin from harmful organisms.

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