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​Soda Needs Only 30 Seconds To Damage Tooth Enamel

Drinking soda leads to negative consequences for the health of children's teeth. A study conducted by dentists from the University of Adelaide in Australia showed that highly acidic drinks (soda, fruit juices, sports drinks, etc.) are a "triple threat" to the tooth enamel. Damage can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Soda Needs Only 30 Seconds To Damage Tooth Enamel

"Erosion of tooth enamel is a very common disease in developed countries. Unfortunately, it is often detected too late," - said researchers. Number of teeth affected by erosion can continue to grow. Basically, this disease develops due to the use of drinks with a high level of acidity in childhood and adolescence.

Many children and teens grind their teeth at night. They can have unidentified diseases like regurgitation or reflux, which increase the acidity in the stomach. Together with high acidity drinks, it creates a triple threat to children's teeth, leading to long-playing negative consequences.

Damage to tooth enamel occurs within the first 30 seconds, as soon as a substance with high acidity comes in contact with the enamel. Scientists warn that the damage can not be avoided by simply brushing your teeth, as it has already been done. They recommend that parents give their children fresh fruit instead of fruit juice. Drinking soda and similar beverages should be avoided.

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