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​Researchers Discovered New Source of Stem Cells

Karolinska Institute found that stem cells in the soft tissues of the tooth, namely in the nerves can significantly change regenerative medicine. This finding sheds light on how the teeth grow and restore themselves.

Researchers Discovered New Source of Stem Cells

It’s known that with aging the risk of infection, abrasion and damage of the teeth increases. Hence, resources for recovery come to an end. Previously it was known that the stem cells are contained in the slurry, connective tissue, blood vessels. Now nerves have been added to this group. However, the the number of cells is not that big. But it is enough to restore soft and hard tissues of the teeth.

Cells in nerves are of a previously unknown type of stem cells. Nerves in question are usually examined only in terms of tooth sensitivity. It turned out the young cells, previously related to glial nerve cells, leave the nerves in the early stages of fetal development. Later on, these cells change, becoming the connective tissue in the dental pulp and odontoblasts (they are responsible for producing dentin).

Perhaps if these cells can be re-activated, it will be possible to grow new teeth in adults. It is also possible that other peripheral nerves in the body contain reservoirs of stem cells.

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